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About us

The Cooperativa del Camp de Vila Nova de Castelló, Coop. V. was founded on November 26, 1942 by 18 partners, with the aim of improving the social and economic life of the nearby population, its main dedication being to supply fertilizers and seeds to its partners.
The Cooperative is located in the town of Castelló, in the region of "Ribera Alta del Xúquer", province of Valencia.

The first products that it commercialized were those cultivated at that time such as rice, corn and a great variety of vegetables.
Later the activity began with the production and commercialization of strawberries, becoming the first exporter in tonnage in Spain, combining this activity with that of citrus.
The regeneration of citrus plantations and the high costs of strawberry cultivation reverse the situation, turning citrus fruits into the main product for sale.
At present, the Cooperative is made up of approximately 1,200 farmers whose purpose is to commercialize in common the production of Satsumas, Oranges, Clementines, and also the recent production of Persimmon.
The warehouse that the Cooperative has to process the goods produced by our farmers, houses a total of 18,500m2, of which 2,500 m2 are refrigerated and pre-cooled.

Our company is very fortunate because it supplies oranges produced mainly in the Region of "Ribera Alta del Xúquer", a place where two factors of great importance for citrus production are interrelated, an exceptional microclimate and a quality land, ideal for orange crop.
In addition, as a differentiating element, we have producers with a great historical link to agriculture, inherited from generation to generation based on a responsible dedication to the care of their plots in an almost artisanal way, which has a direct impact on the external quality of the product, taking care of tree by tree within each plot.

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